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2017 SMTULSA Social Business Conference presented by Social Media Tulsa Written by Cheryl Lawson on December 21, 2016

2017 SMTULSA Conference Become a sponsor

Social Media Tulsa, Tulsa’s social media community, will host the sixth annual conference. #SMTULSA is Tulsa’s premier conference for bloggers,
content creators, small business innovators, mobile, and social media professionals.

Local speakers and speakers from around the country will gather in downtown Tulsa, to share the latest marketing strategies for the digital age.

Social Media Managers, Community Managers, and Digital Marketing Directors benefit from SMTULSA conference and community by connecting you with fellow social and digital marketing professionals in the region.

The two-day conference is comprised of Keynote sessions (everyone attends) and breakout sessions (you choose which speakers and sessions you want to participate in throughout the afternoon).

We often see organizations sending multiple people so that each breakout session can be covered. After the conference, the organizations schedule strategy meetings to review what they’ve learned and how it can be implemented. SMTULSA conference is very interactive. It may be one of the speakers who inspires you, or perhaps someone at your table.

The conference is designed for you to get what you need out of it.

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