Conversation, Connection, and Community: Why You Should Attend the SMTULSA Social Business Conference Written by Cheryl Lawson on December 30, 2019

social media conference in tulsa

If you’re looking to grow your business, the idea of attending a conference has probably crossed your mind. For social media professionals or businesses looking to take their social media marketing to the next level, the possibilities seem nearly endless and can be overwhelming. Do you spend some serious cash to attend one of the gigantic, big-name conferences in hopes of learning from the best in the business, or do you hit up a smaller conference to try and make genuine connections with other professionals in the same position? You don’t have to choose! The SMTULSA Social Business Conference offers the best of both worlds, featuring highly respected speakers while focusing on the conversation, connection, and community that so many professionals are craving. 

SMTULSA is the conference that wants you to let your hair down. We strip away all of the pretense that big conferences can sometimes encourage (anyone else ever pretended to be an expert on something they know next to nothing about?) and encourage you to be who you are. See, SMTULSA is built around cultivating a community, and that means that we’re picky about how many people can attend. Our goal isn’t to be the biggest conference out there; our goal is to be the best conference at helping you achieve your goals. 

Just how does SMTULSA achieve the perfect mix of providing industry knowledge while building genuine community? We start by offering opportunities to connect and stay in contact throughout the year via Facebook groups, Twitter Chats, Facebook Live events, MeetUps, and more. Before you even set foot in the Holiday Inn: Tulsa City Center, you’ll have had the chance to network and virtually meet other like-minded individuals who are also attending the conference. That means you’ll have friendly faces greet you as soon as you walk in the door! From there, you’ll experience the sense of togetherness that comes from sharing your real-life experiences with others and learning from their experiences, too. SMTULSA isn’t just about knowledge – this is a chance to form a real network of friends and peers who want to see your business succeed.

You might be saying “community and connection is great, but I want to learn something, too!” We hear you. One of our favorite things about SMTULSA is that you’ll have the opportunity to learn from a wide range of people interested in engaging through online methods, including passionate small business owners, entrepreneurs, bloggers, visual media artists, social media aficionados, and more. The SMTULSA Social Business Conference is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, and it has become a  highly respected, nationally known two-day event featuring keynote speakers, case studies,  presentations, breakout sessions, and an abundance of networking opportunities. We’re bringing in experts from a wide range of business models so that they can share what has worked for them in the real world – and how you can apply those lessons to your own business. You’ll walk away feeling more empowered, capable, and excited about your organization’s social media strategy than you have in years.

Oh, and by the way – SMTULSA isn’t just a business conference with a built-in network of like-minded professionals (as if that wasn’t enough). It’s also the most fun you’ll have at a business conference all year thanks to the master party planning skills of SMTULSA founder and party aficionado herself, Cheryl Lawson. Ready to find out what we have planned for our big 10th anniversary? We thought so. Register today for SMTULSA Social Business Conference 2020. Conversation, connection, and community are waiting for you!



photo by Eva the photographer.

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