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Justification Letter: How to Convince your boss to send you to SMTULSA Conference 2017

Last week, we received an email from someone who said their boss wouldn’t let them attend SMTULSA despite her explaining that it would help with her job.

Last week I attended a conference for marathon race directors. Do you know what a main topic was? You guessed it, Social Media Marketing. Most attendees were trying to figure out how to engage their customers, use the tools of the social web to reach millennials, boomers, and their customers who spend a lot of time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

This is the very reason I started SMTULSA Conference. We are all marketers and we all need to stay up to date on the tools and tactics available to us. Even if we are actively using the tools, seeing how someone else approaches the same challenge is a most beneficial asset. Professional development is key to every profession. Marketers and in this case social media marketers are no different. We all must work together to make the profession worthy of investment.

I have prepared a letter that you may edit and share with your boss/manager to convince them to send you and or your team to the 7th annual SMTULSA Social Business Conference. Copy and paste the letter below and plug in the details to fit your needs. You can find the Google Doc here




Re: Attending SMTULSA Social Business Conference 2017

Dear [Manager],

I’m writing to ask for approval to attend the 2017 SMTULSA Conference March 30- March 31 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It is important that someone from our company attends, as this is the premier social media and business conference in the area.

I would be joining other qualified marketing and social media professionals for interactive learning opportunities, peer-to-peer learning and networking. I would also have the opportunity to gain valuable insights from prestigious speakers such as Jacob Chappell, Vice President of Sales at SOCi; Robert Bochnak, Director of Social Media for the Harvard Business School’s Alumni Office; Shayla Price, content creator/promoter for Kissmetrics, AgoraPulse, HostGator, Shopify Plus and others; Rick Rockhill, Executive Vice President of Lucy Pet Products; and Deb Brown, Executive Director Webster City Area Chamber of Commerce in Iowa. A full list of speakers can be found at [find the speakers and topics that fit your needs]

The SMTULSA Breakout Sessions will provide high-level actionable information about how Facebook has changed over time and how we need to manage, cause marketing, content creation and creativity, search engine optimization, reaching millennials, social media for food businesses, email marketing, and how we can become a more social business.

Sending more that one person to the conference insures that we’ll be able to get to all of the breakout sessions and share our knowledge when we return to the office. SMTULSA is offering a special discount for teams. We can send up to 5 people for the price of 3 or 10 people for the price of 6.

Local speakers and speakers from around the country will gather at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino – Tulsa. Speakers who are actually doing the work of social marketing and are willing to share what they’ve learned. Speakers will provide insightful perspective on how social media is enhancing their productivity and efficiency and share their deployment strategies and tactics.

The conference has a discounted rate at the Hard Rock if I book my room before March 15. [click here]

If I register before March 15, 2017, I can take advantage of a $50 promo code. [use promotion code: MyBossSaidYes or click here N/A for team pricing. ]

The exploding growth of social media, digital channels, and multiple screens are all fueling a digitally connected consumer. The information and insights that I will be able to bring back will be of significant value to us here at [Insert company name]. I found this video online that really speaks to how this conference is different and why I think the environment will be great for me (us) to find the right solutions for our efforts.  I will be able to learn not only creative ways to connect with our customers {donors, members} on the social platforms, but I’ll be able to learn about ways to measure and report our results as they relate to our organization’s objectives.

In particular, I’d like to focus on finding solutions or best practices that could benefit these projects:

[project or initiative]

[project or initiative]

[project or initiative]

The educational and networking opportunities available at SMTULSA Social Business Conference 2017 are well worth the investment as I expect to return with a wealth of new knowledge and insights to share with our team.

After the conference, I will submit a post-conference report that will include an executive summary, major takeaways, tips and a set of recommendations to maximize our investment in SMTULSA Conference. I can share this relevant information with [Insert key personnel] upon my return.

I hope that this information is useful, and demonstrates the value in my attending 7th annual SMTULSA Social Business Conference presented by Social Media Tulsa.

I look forward to speaking with you about the conference as soon as possible, and how we can minimize costs, before that date.

Are you available for a meeting on [Insert date] at [Insert time] to discuss this?

Many thanks

[Your Name & Title]

Link to press release for more information

Register today!

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