Come Fly With Me: Marketing Tips From the Travel & Tourism Industry

Destination and hospitality marketers have attractive products to sell (a town, an attraction, a scenic byway, a hotel, an experience) but they must deal with an often lengthy and complex customer journey, both offline and online, across multiple digital devices. Maybe this sounds like your situation. What succeeds and what doesn’t? Find out what any business can learn from 2017 marketing trends in travel and tourism.

1) How personality, hustle, and willingness to experiment work in destination marketing, and can work for you.

2) How to deal with a long sales cycle, the “self-educating buyer,” and the need for paid/earned/owned media plans.

3) The power of niche in tourism, and how you can apply it to your business.

4) Some trendspotting for the tourism industry….and for you.



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