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It’s Your Community Too, Damnit


9:00 am - 10:00 am


Digital tools have changed marketing, our work and our lives. So why do we feel trapped by the way our businesses and organizations force us to work? Why do they approach every problem by holding another meeting and writing another plan? We need a method for using these new tools to empower our people without the formality, without having to resort to the old organizational chart and the “meet and plan” method. Learn the Idea Friendly method to unleash our creative best using the tools we have in our hands right now. From tools to behaviors to beliefs and values, learn to reshape your organizational reality.

Learn to use your social media superpowers to gather your crowd, replacing the outdated hierarchy
Learn how your networking skillz reshape your community into a powerful force for good
Understand the power of many people taking small steps to quickly crowdsource the best ideas in the shortest time

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