Passion into Action: The Art of Getting Others Engaged

Now more than ever, nearly everywhere we look, someone is trying to sell us, tell us, or yell at us…about something.

Retailers, manufacturers, politicians, non-profits, for profits, spiritual leaders and those who would lead us into sin, all want to find people’s passions. It seems everyone is trying to motivate us in some way.

PEOPLE are consuming all this content like water from a firehose, and it is harder than ever to cut through all that noise and truly connect with people.

Good communication is important, but good motivation is critical. Motivation is when a person has the desire or willingness to DO something. People can have a desire to do something and still choose not to do anything. To make it real, we must turn the passion into action.

In this session we will explore how to turn passion and motivation into action. We will review a case study to understand what role emotions play to influence people to engage and take action. You will also be able to participate in a live social experiment to see who you can motivate into action. Learn first-hand through an inspiring story of how a non-profit animal organization is motivating people’s passions into action.

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