SMTULSA Conference: A conversation, A connection, A community

Hi, I'm Becky McCray. I'm one of the people that have spoken previously at the SMTULSA conference. Now I want to tell you why it is that I love to speak at SMTULSA. It's because the entire event is built carefully around cultivating a sense of community. Bringing people together in a room and an environment and with a chosen group of people in a limited size, so that people can learn and connect to each other.

It's not just about people coming in from outside that are experts who are going to lecture and provide all the great information. It's about people who work in the field sharing what they've learned with a group of other people who are working in the field who are going to put that into practice. There's a conversation, there's a connection, there's a community.

Cheryl Lawson puts this all together very carefully with the entire community of the SMTULSA members, but also it draws from the entire region. People come from all over the US and internationally to participate in the event. But it's always a small curated group of people that never loses that sense of togetherness, that actually makes it really effective.

It's a pleasure to be a part of as a speaker, but it's also a pleasure to be part of the audience because you always have that opportunity to connect meaningfully and to gather information from people who actually use this stuff in the real world. Less about influencers and more about genuine people and connection. That's why I always love to have the opportunity to be part of SMTULSA. Hope to see you again this year.

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