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Craig C. Powell

Craig C. Powell

Co-Founder of Varyiad and Vice President of Meeks Group

Craig has over 18 years of sales & management experience in various aspects of print marketing, web development, and social media. He has been involved with hundreds of businesses both as a consultant and providing direct service thru a variety of business ventures.

He is the Co-Founder of Varyiad, a hybrid marketing automation venture specializing in endlessly personalized campaigns that integrate all media channels. Craig is also the Vice-President of Meeks Group, an integrated marketing products and services company which has been providing print marketing solutions in Tulsa since 1961.

Currently, Craig focuses on developing the usage of Hybrid Marketing to blend both offline and online advertising & marketing channels into one automated and managed approach. This usage combines marketing & sales goals with data mining & intelligence. By consulting with businesses and their clients, he creates marketing plans that “integrate business in the year we live in”.

Craig has a unique insight into creating a personalized marketing machine for businesses that generate “sales-ready leads” from his multichannel funnel approach.

Marketing In The Year We Live In: The Hybrid Marketing Approach

Sequoyah V

The blending of traditional marketing & advertising with online channels, the ability to manage and get data results as an integrated campaign, the use of multi-touch campaigns that increase the response rate of sales ready leads.

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