Daphne Leblanc

Daphne Leblanc

Daphne F Leblanc comes with over fifteen years of experience in the social media and web-based marketing fields. She helps entrepreneurs and small business owners with all aspects of social media.

Her clients call her their business’s personal trainer. She helps her clients make sense of their social media and digital marketing goals. She helps them create workable, on-budget strategies to achieve those goals, just like a personal trainer helps you achieve your fitness goals.

As a presenter and speaker, she’s worked with organizations all over the United States to craft and deliver smart, entertaining, and informative presentations about social media marketing and management.



5 Ways to Use Facebook Live to Grow Your Business

I believe the biggest success on social media happens when you build social relationships and you allow yourself to shine. People buy from people and many companies (and entrepreneurs) are scared to show who they are. Facebook Live gets people to see the “real you”. So what makes me awesome? I help people share their […]

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