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James Bullis

James Bullis

James Bullis is the President of Ventin Web Solutions, a marketing technology firm specializing in custom WordPress business websites. They partner with digital agencies all over the world to provide high-end websites to their clients.

In 1999, James decided that he wanted to be a webmaster when he grew up. He didn’t have a computer, but he borrowed a book from the library and learned how to write website code with pen and paper. Once he wrote his first website, the industry crashed, and he found himself with no hope of becoming a webmaster.

He was forced to take jobs in the nearby industrial park. But he still felt the desire to build websites. While working full time in manufacturing, James began to take some of the first online courses for web development. He learned why the industry crashed and how to shift the focus to prevent it from happening again.

In 2006, James answered a want ad for an entry-level position at an Internet Marketing agency. He thought it was finally time to start building websites. Instead, the position was for a marketing analyst. He had to learn everything there was to know about Internet Marketing for an entire year before he was given a chance to build websites.

Now with a perfect blend of coding, marketing, and manufacturing he was ready to build websites that get results. Since that time, people have stopped calling themselves webmasters, but he has built over 1000 websites for people all over the world using a simple formula that hasn’t changed.

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