Lollie Moore

Lollie Moore

National award winning tattoo artist & 6 time professional pinup cover model. I also own & publish my own magazine, Pink Peacock Pinup. For over a decade, I created & promoted my own personal brand & created a 20,000+ fan base. Last year I joined the incredible team at Consumer Affairs & took over their social community & brought sales to the dark side by introducing social selling as well as on-boarding our content marketing team to amplify their voice.



Information DJs & Sticky Content: How Neuropsychology Buzzes the Brain

Everyone wants to create the next great viral campaign, right? Yet viral success has continued to elude us despite templates, formulas & hacks. Learn what truly motivates a person on a neurological level to share content & how you can leverage neuropsychology to create content that buzzes the brain & breaks the Internet. Comments comments

Getting to the Why Marketing Social Media

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