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Meagan Ewton

Meagan Ewton

Meagan Ewton is a digital communications professional and public speaker based near Oklahoma City. A storyteller at heart, Meagan has used press releases, blogs, photography, videos, social media and other digital platforms to share the stories of her employers and clients since 2007. She has been the microphone, soundboard and speakers for nonprofits, religious organizations, multimedia publications, newspapers and universities. When she’s not working, Meagan is an avid reader, a proud dance mom, and an enthusiastic gamer with a soft spot for all things geek.

Going Analog: Taking Digital Skills to Non-Digital Industries

Sequoyah V

What would happen if your career in social media took an unexpected turn toward a non-digital industry? Would you be prepared to market yourself to a non-digital client or employer? During this session, Meagan will address how to assess transferable skills, make resume adjustments, pitch new ideas, and keep up with digital trends in a […]

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