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Nick Marino

Nick Marino

The baristas at a local coffee shops call him Mr. Tango, but that’s because he is always talking about TangoTab and what the company is up to. Nick is a social entrepreneur, philanthropist, and a lover of life.

People say he is contagiously infected with enthusiasm and passion, because of all of the energy he is. At the end of the day Nick makes it a point to keep his faith first in everything he does.

Nick graduated from the University of North Texas in 2010 with a BBA in Marketing. Since he has been out of college he has focused on his passion for marketing. To date, Nick has worked with over 50 clients ranging from radio stations to athletic training products and restaurants to funeral homes.

Currently, Nick is working on multiple projects. Full-time he is the Director of Social Change at TangoTab, a mobile app that is on track to end hunger in America. TangoTab is the dining version of TOMS Shoes. Each time a person uses the app when they dine out, TangoTab feed a person in need locally. As of now, TangoTab has fed over 1.1 million people in need. In 2016, TangoTab is set to launch nationwide.

Is Cause Marketing Effective?

Sequoyah V

In today’s society it seems that ‘Cause Marketing’ is catching on to many big and small brands. In this talk we will discuss the brands that are doing it right, the one’s that are doing it wrong, how we are doing it and what your brand can do to make sure it is effective.

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