Rick Rockhill

Rick Rockhill

Rick Rockhill is Executive Vice President of Lucy Pet Products, based in Thousand Oaks, CA.

Rick has 28 years experience in retail & brand marketing companies; 13 years senior executive leadership in merchandising, innovation, product development, sales & marketing for U.S., Asia, EU & Latin American markets.

Mr. Rockhill has served in sales, merchandising and management roles throughout his tenure, with over 28 years experience in consumer brand goods and retail–19 years within the pet industry. His career began in 1988 with Macy’s New York as a merchant.

Rick worked in the confectionary industry in a variety of brand management positions, with Fannie May and Fanny Farmer Confections. In 1997 he joined the pet industry with Pet Care Superstores, and then Petco Animal Supplies, where he held a range of positions, including Vice President, DMM for Consumables, and VP, Natural Foods and Innovation for Petco. Rick developed and executed

Petco’s Natural Category Store within a Store strategy, which was a $1bn sales initiative. In 2010, Rick joined Natural Balance as Senior Vice President, with responsibility for domestic U.S. and Global divisions, which included Asia, Europe, and Latin America. His executive leadership responsibilities at Natural Balance included brand management, product development, co-packer management and customer-centric marketing plans. Rick is co-founder of Zarhill Partners Group, a retail, brand & sales consulting group based in Burbank, CA and also serves as Chairman of RJT Holdings Limited, based in Hong Kong.

Rick’s has more than a decade of experience with charitable fundraising through National Guide Dog Month, National Service Dog Month and the Helping Heroes Campaigns, which collectively raised over $7 million. Rick’s personal interest and support for animal advocacy has included the Petco Foundation, Guide Dogs of the Desert, Animal Samaritans, and Actors and Others for Animals. Rick also serves on the Board of Directors at the Lucy Pet Foundation.

Mr. Rockhill is a resident of Burbank, California. He received an MS degree from Johnson & Wales University in 1992 and a BA degree from SUNY at Stony Brook in 1990.



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