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What Makes SMTULSA Social Business Conference So Different? Ask Eric T. Tung

We’re so honored to have speakers and attendees like Eric T. Tung to help us share just what makes SMTULSA Conference so different and why you should register today.

Hi, I’m Eric Tong. I’m a social media manager and speaker. I’ve had the great opportunity to attend and speak at some of the largest social media conferences in the world from Dreamforce to Social Media Marketing World, MarketingProfs, B2B Forum and HubSpot INBOUND, as well as some of the larger regional social media conferences – Rocks Digital and Social Media Club of Dallas as well as the Social Media Day in Houston and Social Media Breakfast of Houston. Any of these conferences or clubs, really any of them give you great opportunity to learn, but SMTULSA really gives you something different. They give you a network that you can walk away with. It feels like everyone’s kind of on the inside of this inside joke, that you’re amongst people who you don’t have to pretend like you’re an expert if you’re not. You get to really let your guard down. You’re among friends, among peers, and just among people that know what you’re feeling and know what you’re going through.

Cheryl Lawson does a great job of putting this group together and facilitating communication throughout the year. There are different opportunities for tweet chats and emails. There are different communities on Facebook. There are regular newsletters around SMTULSA.

Even coming from outside of the Tulsa community, I was able to attend SMTULSA for two years in 2014 and 2015. Really, I just felt like part of the community. I loved it so much I came back for more. I came back for a couple other events in the Tulsa area and also invited some of my SMTULSA friends down to hang out at other conferences in the Dallas area. You walk away with not just the knowledge from the great sessions and speakers at SMTULSA, but you walk away with a real network of friends and peers that are in the same situation that you’re in that you can reach out to if you have a question and if you have some sort of challenge that you can’t get over. You can really tap into that network through SMTULSA and they can really help you figure your way out.

Not only that, Cheryl is known as the party aficionado, so you know it’s going to be a good party. You’re going to have a good time. There’s going to be great food, great music, and there’s always just something a little bit different every single year with the different outings and different food and different…we’ve had, like, food trucks. We’ve had Food Blogger catering. We’ve got…there’s going to be always something different about SMTULSA every year to keep you on your toes. You can really just kind of look to Cheryl and the SMTULSA organization to just make it really exciting, make it really interesting and make it really fun.

One of the greatest things I ever…one of the greatest compliments I ever had was someone who was a president of a bank a couple of hours away from Tulsa driving. Anyway, she tweeted that coming to SMTULSA was totally worth the couple of hours each way of driving that she had to do. Just the community and the information were so valuable that it was definitely worth four or five hours worth of driving plus all the time out of her workday. That was I thought just a great compliment to the speakers, to Cheryl and to the SMTULSA group as really just a great place for communicators, social media managers, PR managers, internal comms, any of these organizations, any of these places within your organization. You really need to come out to SMTULSA and check it out. In conclusion, go to SMTULSA.

Early Bird Registration is open.

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